What is Heik?

The Middle Eastern culture has always been known for its flavorful aromatic Levantine desserts. But, with the increasing rate of diabetes and obesity, these desserts are becoming less favored in modern urban centers and labeled as unhealthy food options. HEIK is here to save the tradition and revive it with relevant healthy options while elegantly enhancing the taste!


HEIK is all about reintroducing the infamous ‘Knafeh’ in an improved and healthier way by balancing out tradition with innovation; it looks and tastes like Knafeh BUT with unique added advantages! Say goodbye to the feeling of guilt and fullness and welcome the lighter alternative! Baked on premises, customers can pair botanically inspired no added sugar syrups and their choice of nut for an alternative version of this classic treat.

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Promoting artists from all over the region. Showcasing their art, endorsing their talent, and helping their voices be heard.

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